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Why Invest in the UK?

Business leaders looking for expansion try tapping European markets which have showed signs of accelerated growth. Investing in Europe allows companies to access EU markets without any trade barriers and the necessary workforce and resources that are needed to achieve long term success are readily available.

The UK is the leader of foreign investment in Europe. The UK is a hotbed of activity for foreign investment in Europe, especially from American companies. The UK offers vast business opportunities for investors. Low labor costs and high returns make it an attractive investment destination. The UK was successful in retaining its top position in terms of foreign investment in Europe in 2008.

Top 15 Reasons why investing in the UK is profitable in comparison to other countries:

  • The easiest place to establish and run a business is Europe: According to a World Bank study, it takes only 13 days to establish a business in the UK. The World Bank has ranked the UK first in Europe and sixth in the world to operate business.
  • An internationally competitive tax environment for foreign investors: the UK has the lowest corporate tax at 28 percent which is the lowest in the G7. The highest personal tax bond at 40 percent is also the lowest in the EU.
  • Most Flexible market in Europe: According to a World Bank report, the UK stands at second place to employ workers.
  • Least barriers to entrepreneurship: OECD has identified the UK as second in the world for Product Market Regulation. It also ranks second for the least barriers to entrepreneurship and third for the least barriers to trade investment in the world.
  • World leader in innovation: the UK is known for its quality research base and ranks second on the list of most productive places for innovation.
  • Stable Political Environments: Transparency International rates the UK high on the transparency list. The UK is the country with the least corruption in the world. It achieves a higher rating in comparison to the US, Japan, Germany and France.
  • Stable Regulatory Environment: the UK follows a consultative approach for formulation of regulation which is beneficial for a business environment.
  • Easy property registration: Registering property in the UK is easier in comparison to Italy, Ireland, France and Germany.
  • International language for business: English being the operational language has advantages when doing business globally.
  • Top Talent: the UK is home to the top six universities in Europe. Two of the top six best schools in the UK figure in top three global universities.
  • Gateway to the EU market: The UK acts as an excellent gateway to the European market which has 27 member states and an approximate population of 500 million.
  • Strong Communication Network: The UK has extensive broadband markets amongst the G7 countries and also the strongest ICT infrastructure in the world.
  • Strong transport links: The UK is known for its world class transport links. The government has taken steps to improve air facilities, rail network and rail freight infrastructure.
  • Leading Financial Center: London which is world's largest financial center is situated in the UK.
  • Rapid productivity growth: The UK has taken a major leap in terms of productivity in comparison to its other core competitors.

The UK's diverse economy is the perfect location for businesses to explore their international business potential. The UK is the second largest exporter of commercial services and the seventh largest exporter of merchandise. UK passport is a must have for all investors and Businessmen due to UK Passport Benefits. All these factors make it the hotspot for foreign direct investment. Get your UK citizenship now by visiting or giving us a call today!