Turkey Citizenship Services

turkey citizenship service

Turkey Citizenship Services

We are one of the leading firms performing services for Immigration services which include property purchase and management. We have a wide experience in the Turkish citizenship. We can thoroughly advise and assist you and your family to obtain the Turkish Citizenship.

Our services include the preparation and representation for all related to the sale or purchase of real estate property in Turkey. Our professional team of property investment are ready to assist you with the most suitable options possible. Our qualified consultants are willing to help you throughout the whole process.

We will ensures that all of our clients’ needs are met . We have well English speaking consultants who will prepare the purchase and sale agreement for the properties in Turkey. We will advise you regarding any difficulties and recommend specific changes that would be beneficial to you, and negotiating for any changes with the any parties to guarantee the best prices and payments terms, we will accompany you to the Title deed office to close the transaction. With our long experience we can help you to meet your requirements.

Our Services include?

• Discussion with the clients about their concerns and issues.
• Discuss or negotiate the offer or contract with the Developer.
• Draft or review the offer and purchase contract.
• Prepare the revisions or responses to counteroffers.
• Have a careful review whether the information provided by the developer is accurate.
• Have a clear check whether the house is free of charges and/or rented out.
• Have a regular check whether the Real Estate Tax payments are in good standing.
• Verify with the local Municipality whether the developer has all necessary licenses.
• Accompany the client to the Title deed office in order to sign the purchase and sale deed.
• Process client stamp duty tax on the client’s behalf.

Additional Services for citizenship:

• Help in getting the client’s passport translated and being attested by a Notary Public Lawyer.
• Applying for the Turkish Tax Id Number.
• Provide assistance in opening a Bank account in Turkey.