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Malta- Citizenship by Investment Program

Malta Citizenship by Investment may be granted under an amendment passed in November 2013 to the Maltese Citizenship Act, Chapter 188 of the Laws of Malta. These amendments provided the framework for the enactment of LN 47 of 2014. The "Individual Investor Program(IIP) rules provide for affluent persons of impeccable standing and repute to be naturalized and to receive Maltese citizenship on the basis of a contribution to and investment in Malta.
The Malta Citizenship Scheme based on a significant financial contribution to and investment in Malta was first introduced into Maltese law by amendments to the Maltese Citizenship Act published in November 2013. December 2013 witnessed the granting of Presidential assent in February 2014 to the Individual Investor Program of the Republic of Malta Regulations (Legal Notice 47 of 2014).

1. Contribution to the National Development & Social Fund

To access the Maltese citizenship program, A contribution of at least EUR 600,000 for a minimum residence period of 36 months or EUR 750,000 for a minimum of 12 months to Malta. Of this contribution, 70 per cent will go into a National Development and Social Fund to be set up by the Government of Malta and to be run by a board of trustees on the lines of the Sovereign Wealth Fund in Norway. The rest will go to the consolidated fund.

  • Contribution to National Development and Social Fund of €700,000 for the main applicant.
  • Contribution for spouse and minor children €50,000 each.
  • Contribution for dependent children 18 to 26 years or dependent parents above 55 years: €50,000 each.
  • Due Diligence fees:
    • For main applicant: €15,000
    • For spouses, adult children, and parents: €10,000
    • For children between 13 and 18 years of age €10,000 each
  • The applicant must retain a residence Malta for the period of 5 years, whether by purchasing a real estate property for the minimum value of €740,000 or by leasing a property starting at €16,000
  • A donation of at least €10,000 to a registered sport, cultural, scientific, philanthropic, animal welfare, or artistic non-governmental organization or society, as approved by the Community Malta Agency.

2.Property Purchase or Rental

The purchase of a residential property in Malta of at least EUR 700,000, which must be held for five years. Alternatively, the lease of a residential property with a rental value of at least EUR 16,000 per annum, also held for five years. Please note that the property cannot be sublet during this five-year period. A 36-month (or 18-month, by exception) lease agreement or property purchase is required during the residence period.

Legal residence of Malta for at least 36 months (or 12 months, by exception), which includes the lease of a residential property with a rental value of at least EUR 16,000 per annum, held for that same period. Applicants require a valid residence card in order to apply for citizenship

3.Investment in Bonds/Shares

Through a three-part investment, contributing to the government of Malta, purchasing (or renting) a property, and investing in Government Bonds, Investors and their family can obtain citizenship in 12 months. Malta Passport is one of the strongest passports and most powerful in the world. You will be able to have visa-free travel to more than 185 countries, including the UK, Canada, and Schengen countries. You can include your family members in your Malta Citizenship by Investment application. As a result, you will enjoy the many benefits of a Maltese Passport, including access to world-class healthcare and education services. Moreover, investors will enjoy a great tax climate, as well as international business opportunities. To obtain the Maltese passport, you won’t need to renounce your current nationality. You can also pass it down to future generations by descent.