Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship



Cyprus has become an investment destination  for foreign companies wanting to expand due to the Cypriot benefits for foreign investors, the geographical position, the cheap and qualified workforce and transport and communications system. You can get your Cyprus Passport within 4 months and you get to enjoy the numerous benefits of Cyprus citizenship.

Reasons to invest in Cyprus

Foreign companies looking for  an investment opportunity must take into consideration Cyprus  as it is an EU member state since 2004 thus providing investors with access to the EU market. Another reason to invest in Cyprus is its geographical position  between Europe, Africa and Asia that serves as a gateway between continents. The Cypriot taxation system,the labor force and the pro-investment climate are also important reasons for investing in Cyprus. Cyprus also provides a good environment for people wanting to obtain residency in Cyprus as they can purchase real estate properties at very good prices and the quality of life is very high.
In short, the following are the major benefits of obtaining a Cyprus Passport:

  • Great friendly English speaking people
  • Favorable Taxation laws and incentives
  • Visa free travel to over 174 countries including Europe and Canada
  • Excellent Transport & Telecommunication
  • High standard of Living
  • No residency requirement