antigua and barbuda passport benefits


Antigua and Barbuda : Benefits

Antigua citizenship benefits:

  • Open to people of most nationalities.
  • No tax on foreign income.
  • Citizenship and passport is obtained within 4 months (3 months for Citizenship and 1 month passport processing).
  • Dual Nationality Allowed Open to most nationalities No tax on foreign income.
  • Duty Free Trading in Caribbean.
  • More benefits of Antigua Citizenship- Antigua Passport guarantees you instant travel to over 151 countries. Antigua benefits are a good foot hold for any Businessman hoping to establish his business within this beautiful island country filled with vast investment opportunities.
  • Dependent children can be any age to obtain passport.
  • Siblings can be any age to obtain passport.
  • Elderly parents above 55 can also apply as dependents.
  • Outstanding lifestyle with a safe environment.
  • More countries are constantly added to the visa free list.
  • Easy to obtain visas when required.
  • List includes Schengen European countries and major countries in Latin America, North America and Asia