Australia- Australia citizenship requirements

autralia citizenship requirements

Australia : Requirements


  • Australia citizenship by investment is popular investing means by business people all over the world due to its business friendly benefits. Australia passport requirements or rather Australia citizenship requirements are as follows - Applicants of the Australian investment program must be younger than 55 years.
  • Fluent English.
  • Potential investors must be faithful to their investments and involvement into businesses during at least 4 years (duration of the visa 188).
  • The investment must positively impact the national economy.
  • Applicants need to claim for the sponsorship of either a government or the Austrade using the national online skills system.
  • Candidates must boast prominent investment and business profiles as well as at least 5-year-long relevant experience (for example, running a successful business where your part was at least 10% or a record of successful investment of at least 1.5M AUD).
  • Potential investors are required to have net assets generating at least 2.25M AUD yearly (the candidate must prove that the money was earned legitimately).
  • Being of good character and health.

Applying for any of the streams (investment visas) is made in 2 stages:

  • submitting the expression of interest using the governmental online skill system called Skill Select (in your claim, you need to represent your business, relevant experience and investment skills and outline your investment plans for Australia focusing on the outstanding benefit for the local economy  – it is of paramount importance to approach the task creatively and responsibly exhausting all means of research and planning in order to represent an outstanding investment idea);
  • If invited to apply – applying for the relevant visa (a potential investor has 60 days for submitting a well-considered application supported by thoroughly compiled documents that prove all claims they make in the application. Rules for this documentation are very demanding and require a professional approach).

Whatever kind of investment visa you apply for, processing of your application will take up to 9 months.