Update : Dominica passport holder gets visa free travel to China...

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

About Dominica

Dominica received an award 'Peace and Prosperity’ Peace and Prosperity’ tourism award. Dominica is very small island in the eastern caribbean sea. Dominica Law and government established visa & immigration program for dominica citizenship by investments program in 1993. You can get your Dominica Passport within 4 to 6 months.

Commonwealth of Dominica Overview

  • Dominica capital : Roseau
  • Dominica currency : Caribbean doller
  • Dominica population:72,405 (November, 2022)
  • Religion in Dominica : Roman Cathlic, Islam
  • Official Language : English,French
  • Dominica weather: Not cold except winter not too sunny

Dominica passport

Dominica passport is globally most powerful passport. The Commonwealth of Dominica's government issued new biometric e-passports to its citizens on July 19, 2021, upgrading the Dominica passport system by spending $13 million to improve national security across borders. Dominica passport holders can travel. The Dominica passport shares the common design standards of CARICOM (Caribbean Community)passports. The cover is dark blue for civilians with the country's coat of arms and country name as well as the CARICOM logo on the front cover.